Lakeland Veterinary Hospital

92 St. Croix Trail South
Lakeland, MN 55043




Our Staff
We are thankful for the highly-qualified staff at our hospital. 
They are well-trained individuals with a strong sense of compassion for all animals and a desire to serve our clients and the needs of their pets.

Teresa and GideonTeresa Brennan, CVT

Teresa is a graduate from Ridgewater College with a degree from their Veterinary Technician program.  It is easy to remember her difficult first day on the job because it was 9/11/2001.  Teresa has varied interests--from attending monster truck rallies to playing the flute.  We depend on her to know everything about everything at LVH.  She grew up in the Saint Paul area and now lives near the clinic.  Teresa and her husband, Nick, have three sons, Andy, Aydin and Ashton and a daughter, Adelaide.  They also have a 
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Gideon. 

Jess Webb

We are very happy that Jess has come back!  She originally began working at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital in May 2000, with a break to attend to a growing family.  Jess and her family are rugged Wisconsinites who enjoy hunting, fishing, and archery. In addition, Jess is a part-time fitness and strength instructor so fractious cats and strong dogs have met their match!



Pixel Johnson 

Pixel is the honorary canine member of our staff.  Although Pixel is enjoying her retirement she remains the honorary mascot at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital. 

Courtney with Reggie

Courtney Jacks, CVT


Courtney joined us in January, 2009. She is a home-grown girl, raised in the St. Croix Valley and graduated from Stillwater High School. She received her Veterinary Technician degree from Globe College.  Courtney enjoys nature and wildlife, reading, and volleyball. She shares her life with husband, Shane, and daughter, Kaela, furry felines named Bermie, Biskit, Kix, and Penny, and a fox red Lab named Reggie.